Enjoy Interactive Activity With Virtual Escape Room Singapore

The escape room is a fun activity to do with your friends. It creates an interactive atmosphere that even strangers come out of the room, talking and giggling. The escape rooms can be great ice breakers among your two different group friends. It can also do wonder to a group of new students joining a university, a perfect activity for the fresher’s party. However, with the global pandemic looming over us and the lockdown in place, it is difficult to go to escape rooms. But it is not impossible. You can have the same experience through virtual escape room Singapore.

What is a virtual escape room?

The interactive game has taken a step forward combined with technology. Now, you can enjoy all the perks and thrill of an escape room virtually. The Virtual Escape Room Singapore lets people solve the mystery and the puzzle through their computer screen. The concept may look similar to any online video games, but this is different. Think of it as your online maths class, where all of you can see and talk to each other through your screen and solve a math problem.

Solving clues

In the virtual escape room, you will be solving clues and finding the next one till you make it out of the virtual building. You can perform this activity from the comfort of your room with your classmates and friends. Make this an ice breaker among your new peers.

To enter the virtual game room, you need to select the mystery game and pay for the number of persons. It is similar to you do it offline.

Summers are coming soon, and yet the pandemic has not loosened even a little. But you can still enjoy the season with your friends through the virtual escape into a mysterious world and solve together.