Get Technical Support For AGM Webcast!

Annual General Meetings are essential for the successful operation of a business. Even if the circumstances don’t allow it, one must hold this meeting due to several legal provisions. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, holding an AGM has become a troublesome work. While it is necessary, one cannot ignore the risk of exposing themselves to the virus. This is exactly where the AGM webcast technology comes to the rescue!

What is an AGM Webcast?

Due to the coronavirus situation, the law states that the AGMs could be held online for organizations that wish to do so. By holding the AGM online, the organization can continue with its work without hassles. It can also prevent the spread of coronavirus as the meeting takes place virtually. Companies can also hold AGMs through traditional methods if they wish, however, it is not recommended considering the risks that come along.

Why should you get the AGM Webcast support service?

Even when the meeting is being held online, it does not mean that it loses any of its significance. The AGMs remain important and therefore, it is important to hold them without any interruptions in-between. To ensure a smooth and disturbance-free experience, organizations must hire AGM Webcast services that will handle all the technical aspects.

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