Why You Should Customize Your Office Supplies

Whether for the home or traditional office, office stationery is an essential part of getting things done. Office supplies are defined as consumables and equipment such as; paper, ink, pens, pencils, staples, binders, and markers used by individuals in the office engaged in written communications, bookkeeping, storage of supplies and data, and for janitorial and cleaning services.

Personalizing your stationery with your logo and brand colors goes a long way in enhancing awareness of your products and services. For smaller companies with limited budgets, custom business office supplies are a great way to create a consistent business identity for current and prospective customers and also for employees to enhance the brand identity in the psyche.

Promotional products are a great addition to your marketing strategy to be top of mind and reach a larger audience. In this article, we will explore the benefits of branding your company’s stationery to create memorability and inspire brand loyalty. But before you hire a designer, the following are some considerations you should make:

  • Specific typeface.
  • Your logo and letterhead design.
  • A particular color or palette of colors – to communicate your brand’s tone.
  • The text to be included – such as your address, phone number, customer care email, and any business slogan.
  • Paper stock – do you go for the heavier or lighter stock? The former is more expensive but projects a high-quality image to prospects.

Benefits of Customizing Office Stationery

Every business should have branded office supplies in their advertising stationery to manage the communication you send out to the world. This personalized message resonates well with employees and customers and can give your enterprise a competitive advantage over other organizations that opt for traditional, generic stationery:

  1. Keep your brand consistent – Your marketing brand guideline should direct the design decisions. The font and color scheme you use on your website should be consistent with that on the business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, and correspondence cards. This uniformity helps build awareness and increase memorability and grows your brand.
  2. They show you care – If you look around your home, you’ll notice several promotional materials. Most notably during holidays, networking events and other special occasions, personalized gifts in the company’s logo and brand colors humanize your business. This will give your brand an aura of trustworthiness and likability and customers reciprocate with increased sales.
  3. Give your business a polished look – This can be especially beneficial for startups looking to make a great first impression. They lend an air of credibility and suave to any organization, without negatively affecting the marketing budget. Customizing your office stationery shows employees and customers that you’re proud of your business and you care about the recipient.
  4. Image brand image cohesiveness – Traditional office stationery doesn’t go along with your business color scheme and palette. Getting customized office supplies helps maintain your brand image which comes in handy for your important clients to have your details and image on hand. The effect of this is huge improvements in brand recognition and brand loyalty.
  5. Give your business a competitive advantage – In the digital age, attention spans have reduced as most people are bombarded by emails and adverts fighting for eyeballs. Sending a handwritten complimentary or thank you card to your customers with your company letterhead makes you unique. Branded stationery like this is very useful in pulling customers away from your competition and into your sales funnel.
  6. Reinforce your brand – For clients to remember and recognize your brand, it’s particularly important to maximize brand exposure. Customizing your stationery helps differentiate your communications in a way that is subtle, friendly, and non-offensive. They are also easy to create and quite cost-effective compared to other in-your-face marketing such as billboards and other forms of audio and visual media. By using your logo and brand colors, your message will be reinforced and create brand ambassadors when they show off these items.


Custom office stationery is vital for success with both employee performance and customers affinity. Since office supplies are already in use at the business, branding them with your logo and corporate colors makes for a smart investment. It affords the business an opportunity to personalize the interaction with prospects while also lingering in their mind. This can affect how they make purchase decisions once they interact with your product.